3 More Reasons Why You Cannot Miss the WorkFusion Virtual Summit

WorkFusion Virtual Summit 2020 is over. Below you can find links to the recordings of keynotes, discussions and product demos that you can now watch on-demand.

Tomorrow, WorkFusion will be hosting Virtual Summit 2020, the first online event dedicated to Hyper Automation. Executives associated with some of the world’s leading companies from banking, insurance, and other industries will share their experiences of transforming operations through Intelligent Automation — while saving costs, increasing accuracy and making work more meaningful for their employees.

If you are still thinking about whether to attend the Virtual Summit, here are three more reasons you absolutely cannot miss it.

1. Learn how to succeed in digital transformation and avoid common mistakes 

Approximately 70% of companies that embark on an automation journey get stuck when trying to scale across multiple lines of business and enable an enterprise-wide digital transformation. At the Virtual Summit, you will hear from executives whose companies avoided this challenge, or who faced and tackled them efficiently.

You will also learn about common pitfalls and best practices when implementing automation.

  • In the session, “How to Succeed in Digital Transformation“, Tony Saldanha, a leading expert in transformation and a former Information Technology executive at P&G, will talk about setting up successful digital transformation strategies, avoiding or dealing with mistakes, and advice on driving your operations to success.
  • Julie Dillman, SVP and Global Head of Operations at Chubb Group, will join Alex Lyashok to discuss Chubb’s path to digital transformation and share the lessons they have learned along the way.

2. See WorkFusion’s solutions in action

For the Virtual Summit, we have prepared a series of product demos of WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud and will show how it can enable various stages of your automation journey: when adopting automation, during expansion, and as you scale it enterprise-wide.

  • In the first product demo session, “How to Start?Tina Rho, Senior Director of Product Management, will share tips on getting started with Hyper Automation and evaluating use cases for your organization.
  • In the second demo session, “How Does Work Change?” our Product Manager Nidhi Patel will show Hyper Automation in action and how to expand your automation program to other use cases successfully.
  • In the third session, “How to Manage?” you will see how to navigate automation over time and scale it across different locations and lines of business.

You will also get an opportunity to see our pre-built solutions for anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) operations in action.

3. Get automation consultation on the spot 

During the Virtual Summit, you’ll be able to discuss Hyper Automation with and gain guidance from WorkFusion automation experts in various industries and business areas in real time. Ask questions about automation as soon as you have them, without the need to wait hours or days for a scheduled meeting.

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