Evelyn, Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening Analyst

See how Evelyn can increase your team's capacity in adverse media monitoring, name screening and sanction screening
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Hello. I’m Evelyn, a Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening Analyst.

My role is to review any risks and red flags for entities which are being onboarded as new customers, or that we’re doing business with as existing customers. One of my biggest daily tasks is to review alerts for entities, individuals, or even securities, and determine whether they are real risks or false-positive alerts. When reviewing these alerts, I also sometimes look through internal or external databases to gather more information toward making a decision. I always capture my supporting evidence and write explanations about false alarms.

I also search media sources and other databases for mentions of certain people or entities, and then assess whether those mentions are of any concern to my company. My investigations also help ensure we’re adhering to regulatory policies. This is really important work — fines for noncompliance can easily run into the millions! You can click the link to see more details about the skills I’ve developed, and learn more about my relationships with key data providers.

As an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning! I also work seamlessly with the rest of your traditional workforce, partnering with my real-world teammates in what we call “human-in the-loop” collaboration, as needed.

Want to see a brief preview of what I do every day? Let’s go…

I start by analyzing incoming sanctions alerts for entities, individuals, and securities. Then I investigate the ones that need more attention. My teammates really hate reviewing all these alerts, because most of them are false positives, and usually for simple reasons — like, the person under sanction clearly is not the individual we’re trying to onboard… they just have similar names. I also save my coworkers a ton of time spent finding and reading thousands of articles, just looking for any potentially adverse mention — but I don’t mind it! So I take all this mundane stuff off my teammates’ workload, which they appreciate.

If I do find a “true hit” case, I escalate it to my teammates so they can investigate and make the final call, while I prepare a thorough paper trail. At any moment, our manager can review my progress, calibrate a level of confidence, and adjust my capacity to fit our current business needs.

And not to brag, but as you can see, I am incredibly fast. Searches that take other colleagues 20 minutes or more, I complete in under 2 minutes. I also can work overnight and compile recommendations in advance, to be ready and waiting as soon as their workday starts — saving hours of effort.

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