WorkFusion and Myriad Solutions Join Forces to Bring AI-Enabled Digital Workers to the Public Sector


WorkFusion is now on the GSA Schedule and available through Myriad Federal, State, and Local government contract vehicles

New York, NY and Fulton, MD — August 22, 2022 —WorkFusion, a leader in Intelligent Automation, and Myriad Solutions, a global provider of IT products and services today announced a strategic partnership to bring WorkFusion’s AI-enabled Digital Workers to the public sector. Under the agreement, Myriad will offer WorkFusion Enterprise solutions to its Federal, State and Local customers. WorkFusion is now on the GSA Schedule and available for end-of-fiscal year purchases.

“Government agencies are drowning in massive amounts of structured and unstructured data causing backlogs and inefficiencies,” said Os Haque, WorkFusion’s Head of Global Channels and Alliances. “A key concern for agencies as they modernize is how to create better outcomes for citizens by moving faster and more efficiently, with less cost and fewer errors. Our Digital Workers seamlessly augment the workforce with continuously learning AI that can automate complex document processing, boost the accuracy and speed of operations, and save millions. We look forward to bringing our WorkFusion Digital Workers to government customers with our Myriad partnership.”

Every day, government agencies at the Federal, State, and Local level handle massive volumes of documents, from emails to identity documents forms to legal files, arriving in paper and electronic formats. Government employees must digitize these documents, plus collect, classify, and validate relevant data. After that, they must update the information across core internal systems. All these tasks are highly manual, error-prone, and of relatively low value to the agency.

WorkFusion Digital Workers are AI-enabled knowledge workers that can perform complete end-to-end jobs, freeing up their human colleagues to perform higher, more valuable work. Intelligent Document Processing is at the core of every WorkFusion Digital Worker, enabling them to be immediately productive in a variety of critical operations roles. These knowledge workers manage a wide variety of unstructured document types – emails, identity documents, trust agreements, and more, taking the load from traditional employees. The AI-enabled digital workers learn and improve with every assignment, interaction and document, delivering powerful results for positive government outcomes by reducing costs, speeding compliance, and enhancing citizen experience. 

“WorkFusion is the right partner at the right moment to deliver intelligent automation solutions to our public sector customers with their Digital Workers,” said Javed Matin, CEO of Myriad Solutions. “Our team looks forward to delivering WorkFusion solutions to our customers at all levels of government.”

About WorkFusion

WorkFusion is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, insurance, and financial services companies. The company’s AI-enabled digital workers augment traditional teams through regular “human in the loop” interactions and with support from the WorkFusion Network, a powerful AI cloud nexus. WorkFusion solutions help increase workforce capacity, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure ongoing compliance. Learn more and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About Myriad Solutions

Since the late 1980s, Myriad Solutions has provided world-class products in the areas of Data Modeling, Storage Management, Back up, Disaster Recovery, Process, Project Management and services in the United States, United Kingdom and Worldwide, initially through its’ precursor, LBMS Asia Pacific and then as Myriad Solutions upon its acquisition of LBMS Asia Pacific in 1996. With headquarters in the USA and offices in London, UK serving the EMEA region, Myriad Solutions is a world-class provider of products and education and consulting services throughout the USA and the world.

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