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Expand Your Automation Footprint with Intelligent Document Processing

With documents ingrained in over 60% of business processes, enterprise technology and data leaders seek to transform this majority of processes through automation. While rules-based RPA and OCR technologies offer some success in this venture, intelligent document processing (IDP) can boost automation’s impact to unprecedented levels.

Hear WorkFusion CTO Peter Cousins and Everest Group Partner Anil Vijayan discuss the growing importance of integrating IDP into your new or existing automation systems.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Differences between RPA, OCR and IDP
  • Industry trends and how to stay ahead of the curve with the latest offerings in RPA
  • How to ensure your RPA vendor can keep up with your company’s growth

Also, hear Peter Cousins answer the questions about IDP that were submitted during the webinar.

Anil Vijayan
Anil Vijayan
Partner, Everest Group
Peter Cousins
Peter Cousins
CTO, WorkFusion

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