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Unintended Consequences of Increased Sanctions on the Workforce

Unintended Consequences of Increased Sanctions on the Workforce

Higher volumes of sanction alerts, whether through spikes or through a new and unexpected sanctions program, can not only negatively affect your banking operations, but also your workforce. According to a recent survey of 200 BFSI executives, 78% considered seeking a new position in the last 12 months due to an increased workload from hiring/retention issues. Similarly, 77% of respondents had direct reports resign citing burn out.

While it is impossible to predict future scenarios that might strain your operations teams, there are solutions that enable banks and financial services organizations to cope with scale.

Watch this webinar to:

  • See the impacts of higher volumes of sanctions on your workforce
  • Learn how AI-enabled Digital Workers can help quickly scale your sanctions programs
  • Discover how to future proof your operations from the unintended consequence caused by spikes in volume
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