Adam Famularo

Put AI to Work with a No-Code Approach

Put AI to Work with a No-Code Approach

WorkFusion is proud to launch Work.AI, a no-code platform that combines the powers of AI/machine learning, intelligent document processing (IDP), and robotic process automation (RPA) allowing customers to create an unlimited AI digital workforce by combining the power of the platform with your domain-specific expertise. Join WorkFusion’s executive team and your fellow Work.AI customers to hear all about our latest developments including new features, and a future roadmap. 

During this time, you’ll hear from WorkFusion CEO Adam Famularo, CTO Peter Cousins, and VP of Product and Engineering Michael Greenberg as they discuss: 

  • New capabilities in the Work.AI platform including our no-code approach to reduce the level of effort required to build integrations, machine learning models, and other areas of end-to-end workflows. 
  • How “build your own” AI Digital Workers can be built without coding expertiseutilizing features like no-code IDP, a connectors framework, a rules engine, and other pre-built steps and workflows to easily automate your specific needs. 
  • Automation Academy advancements leveraging LLMs to quickly answer your critical questions and provide how-to guidance. 

Whether you build, manage, or maintainWork.AI is automation focused on business outcomes. You don’t want to miss this exciting update.

Adam Famularo
Peter Cousins
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Greenberg
Senior Vice President of Engineering
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