Art Mueller

Putting AI to Work with Adverse Media Monitoring

Putting AI to Work with Adverse Media Monitoring

Adverse Media Monitoring, also known as Adverse Media Screening or Negative News Screening, is one of the most effective tools that banks and other financial institutions (FIs) have to protect their reputation and guard against money laundering and other financial crimes.

Traditional screening tools surface a vast number of news articles that end up being irrelevant, false positives that consume substantial amounts of analyst time — an unnecessary burden on employees and a large expense for the organization. Moreover, the cost of existing news screening tools can be staggeringly high.

Join us for this webinar where we’ll introduce you to WorkFusion’s AI Digital Worker, Evelyn. Evelyn’s AMM primary mission is to protect an organization from risky client relationships by reviewing both ad hoc adverse media results as well as alerts from adverse media screening applications. “She” automatically reviews and dispositions customer screening alerts for adverse media increasing team capacity and freeing up analysts to work on higher value projects – and saving you money in the process.

During this webinar we’ll discuss:
  • Why precise and timely adverse media monitoring is important to your business
  • Success stories from major financial institutions that have used Evelyn for AMM
  • Product specifics through demo and conversation with WorkFusion experts
Art Mueller
VP of Financial Crimes
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Senior Product Manager
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