Kendrick, Customer Identity Program Analyst

See how Kendrick, WorkFusion's new Digital Worker, makes sure banking customers are who they say they are and ensures compliance while speeding up customer onboarding

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Meet Kendrick

Kendrick helps make sure banking customers are who they say they are for onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) refreshes, in addition to performing QA reviews of customer identity docs and records. He’s 100% digital and ready to start working with your team to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of your bank.

See Kendrick in action and hear our WorkFusion experts Tina Rho and Kyle Hoback discuss how Kendrick delivers immediate value to your organization.

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WorkFusion experts

WorkFusion experts


Tina Rho

VP of Product Management

Kyle Hoback

Kyle Hoback

Director, Intelligent Automation


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