Evelyn, Sanctions and Adverse Media Screening Analyst

See how Evelyn, WorkFusion’s new Digital Worker, can analyze media sources for potentially adverse content, expanding your team’s capacity by 200%

Meet Evelyn

Evelyn analyzes and investigates sanctions alerts. She also reviews media sources for potentially adverse content. Her focus is on helping your team adhere to regulatory policies and avoid fines. She consults internal and external sources faster than you thought possible, performs flawlessly, and never needs a break. She’s also 100% digital and ready to start today.

In this episode of WorkFusion Buzz, automation experts Nicki Willi and Daniel Hazel will list Evelyn’s abilities, explain how she has gained so much expertise, demonstrate how she interacts with your systems and teams, and reveal what could make her so valuable to your organization.

WorkFusion experts


Daniel Hazel

Global Head of CLM

Nicki Willi

Director of Pre-Sales