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AI digital workforce solutions that you can hire, configure, or build to automate complete and complex job roles. Augment your team, overcome staffing challenges, improve compliance and save money with AI Digital Workers.
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Hire AI Digital Workers to Fight Financial Crime

Hire pre-built AI Digital Workers, just like an employee. They are purpose-built for banking and financial services organizations in functions like anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions screening, and Know Your Customer (KYC). They come off the shelf fully trained and immediately productive to scale AML compliance programs quickly and cost-effectively. They work side-by-side with human colleagues to fulfill entire L1 job roles, tackling repetitive activities and freeing up the team to work on higher-value projects. No need to outsource or offshore work when you have an AI Digital Worker on your team. Plus, they help improve employee and customer experience.

Automate the Busy Work

Some people say it’s the little things that matter. For us, it’s the big, complicated, and busy work where we excel. Our customers know what work needs to be automated and they trust us with complicated use cases to help them achieve the realm of what’s possible with AI.

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WorkFusion AI Digital Workers are connected via a centralized network, a nexus that allows your organization to benefit from collective industry learnings and updates while maintaining the security of your data.

“Helps our bank get reconciliations done on time, and frees up employee time to work with customers”
— Feature Analyst, Tech Services company via PeerSpot
“Enables us to process double the amount of work with the same amount of people.”
— Senior Product Manager at a financial services firm with 51–200 employees, via PeerSpot
“Accelerate[d] our product delivery from weeks to days, days to hours, and hours to minutes.”
— Tim McCarthy, SVP, TransUnion (June 2021 Webinar)
“Boosted the rate of efficiency gain and opened up multiple avenues to scale across the organization.”
— Deepika Chopra, SVP Business Reinvention, LPL Financial 
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A Leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for the 5th consecutive year
Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Unstructured Document Processing 2023

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