Meet Your Digital Workforce for Insurance

Increase bottom line, bring down operational costs, and improve customer experience with our Digital Workers

Digital workforce for insurance automation

AI-enabled Digital Workers for insurance operations

To review underwriting documents, respond to customer emails, help with claims processing and more

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Insurance Underwriter

Improves your profitability while reducing manual work for underwriters’ team by 70%.



Customer Service Coordinator

Creates a better, faster customer experience by reducing inquiry handling time by 75%.

Custom Digital workers for banking


Any role you need

Custom Digital Workers are fast, reliable and easily tailored to fit your business needs.

Team up with Digital Workers to achieve extraordinary results

Decrease in
operational expenses

to compete with insurtech players and continuously innovate

Reduction in
handling time

to achieve shorter claims and policy management cycles

Data accuracy

to significantly improve regulatory compliance and risk management

Digital Workforce for commercial insurers
Digital Workforce for commercial insurers

Commercial insurers use Digital Workers to eliminate manual review

Ilana frees up cycles, allowing underwriters to underwrite instead of entry and process-oriented tasks. Rather than using a definitive set of rules, Ilana offers a more comprehensive, integrative strategy with the end goal to eliminate manual review.

Life, annuity and health insurance carriers significantly reduce response time and increase accuracy with Digital Workforce

Improve data quality by removing manual work and inconsistencies. Enhance customer experience by reducing response time and increasing accuracy. WorkFusion’s Digital Workers can help with life and annuity claims, policy servicing, submission intake and more.

digital workers for health insurance automation
digital workers for health insurance automation

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Why WorkFusion is the optimal choice for insurers


AI / automation partner of choice for Banking, Insurance and Financial Services


Only vendor with AI-enabled Digital Workers which are fully trained to perform entire job functions


Via network learning, customers gain automation benefits among their entire peer group

Want to see what our Digital Workers can do for your firm?

Want to see what our Digital Workers can do for your bank?