Tara, Transaction Screening Analyst

See how Tara, a top OFAC / AML expert, can help you keep your transactions risk-free


Hello. I’m Tara, a Transaction Screening Analyst.

My role is to note flags on potential risky transactions, whether they come from individuals or other institutions.

My primary daily task is to determine if certain people or entities are found in specific databases — whether those mentions are of any concern to my company. Sanctions is serious business. My investigations also help ensure we’re adhering to regulatory policies in general. This is really important work — fines for noncompliance can easily run into the millions! You can click the link to see more details about the skills I’ve developed, and learn more about my relationships with key data providers.

As an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning! I also work seamlessly with the rest of your traditional workforce, partnering with my real-world teammates in what we call “human-in the-loop” collaboration, as needed.

Want to see a brief preview of what I do every day? Let’s go…

I’m fully focused on all incoming transaction alerts. I receive them in various shapes and forms, such as SWIFT messages, which, as you know, can be quite hard to read and interpret. But not for me! I quickly find the most relevant information, run it against all approved watchlists and make a call whether the case is missing critical information, or requires a further review, or (and these are most common cases!) if it’s what we industry professionals call a “false positive.” Either way, I provide a comprehensive written explanation for all my decisions, just in case my teammates or regulators may need to see that later.

My manager can review KPIs like speed, or percentage of false positives, and make any necessary adjustments to my caution level.

My main goal is to catch all potentially sanctioned transactions, so I’m extremely conservative in my judgment. But I still process alerts superhumanly fast and efficiently, ensuring our customers are happy with our service.

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