3-part Limited Customer Webinar Series

Getting started on the No Code IDP Journey

Experience the AI Digital Worker Journey to benefit your organization

January 24, February 21 , and March 20 at 11am ET
Nidhi Patel
Product Director
Arvind Sundaram
Director, DW Engineering
Padraic Rowley
R&D Director

Embark on an engaging 3-part journey to inspire and guide our valued customers in joining the no code IDP revolution. More and more organizations currently have multiple ML Models in production. Let’s delve into the significance and intricacies of confidently and accurately processing digital documents and data across diverse data sources.

Secure your spot for this engaging 3-part series taking place from January through March:

January 24 (Now On Demand): Getting Started with No Code IDP and AI/ML. Immerse yourself in WF Product Director, Nidhi Patel’s demonstration as she unveils the latest advancements in No Code Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). From the highly unstructured emails and contracts to the more structured documents like tax forms, bills of lading and invoices, Work.AI can be used to make sense of the documents and text in the middle of operational processes.

February 21: Orchestrating IDP into end-to-end automated processes. Join Arvind Sundaram, Director, DW Engineering, as he takes the stage to configure IDP within a “build your own” AI Digital Worker. See how to orchestrate IDP-powered automation, where human-in-the-loop can be incorporated to maintain control and complete workflows.  

March 20: Connecting IDP to email and other triggers of automation. Cap off the series with R&D Director, Padraic Rowley, who will expand on the concepts explored in the previous sessions, to include more options for data integration and other No Code features. Witness how IDP can be enhanced with data connectors and other functionality to empower an AI Digital Worker capable of efficiently handling documents received via email that need to update downstream systems.

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