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Polaris Transportation Group

WorkFusion’s customer automates 80% of customs paperwork through Intelligent Automation
A leader in transport and logistics for North America, Polaris is driving logistics innovation, powered by WorkFusion’s unique Intelligent Automation platform.
Our turnaround time and error rates were significantly reduced to levels beyond our expectations…. We can now run this operation 24/7 and scale to the business order demands, and we’re proud to state that we are now driving 80% of our customs paperwork processing through fully automated workflow.
— Dave Brajkovich, CTO, Polaris Transportation Group and NorthStar Digital Solutions
Automating Complex Customs
Paperwork in Logistics

Polaris Transportation Group is a leader in transport and logistics for North America, and the heart of many businesses’ supply chains. The company is well-known for scheduled delivery service across the Canada/USA border. It is a finely tuned operation, with a strong emphasis on transit times, convenience, coverage and pricing.
Intelligent Automation offered a new approach, enabling Polaris to rethink its core manual processes. Developed by NorthStar Digital Solutions, and powered by WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud, Polaris was able to automate their complex customs processes.

Download this short report to learn:

  • How Polaris Transportation Group applied Intelligent Automation to logistics
  • How the company automated complex customs processes between customers, carriers, brokers and border agencies
  • How Northstar Digital Solutions was launched after successful collaboration with WorkFusion and another partner, to support the wider industry

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