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Streamline new business submissions with Intelligent Automation

Selective Insurance automates processing of over 80% of new business submissions, providing faster and better customer service.

Selective automation success
selective insurance

Key automated process:

New Business Submissions Intake


  • 80%+ of all in-score new business submissions are automated
  • 6 minutes saved for each submission

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As a company committed to providing unique insurance solutions to its customers, Selective Insurance sought to automate routine activities and increase the efficiency of the new business intake process.


Selective used WorkFusion to deploy trained submission hub (“SubHub“) smart bots that automate 80% of new business submissions, saving an average of six minutes per submission.

The bots extract, classify and verify data contained in a wide range of submitted documents, and then connect seamlessly with Selective’s core systems and update the information there.

WorkFusion’s human-in-the-loop capability allows Selective employees to interact with bots for the highest level of automation. Advanced analytics allows operations managers to track and manage bot performance for further optimization and increased throughput.

mindtree webinar with workfusion

Aim for Success with Intelligent Automation in Insurance

Watch insurance automation experts from WorkFusion, Mindtree, and ISG share insights about Intelligent Automation-assisted underwriting, including how to cut underwriting processing costs by up to 75%.