WorkFusion Automation + IBM Cloud for Financial Services Streamlines Core Banking Operations

How WorkFusion® Intelligent Automation, partnered with the
industry’s most secure and compliant public cloud, delivers faster,
better experiences for your customers

Solutions Made Stronger on the Cloud


Savings on operational costs and time, in about 10 weeks


Increase in overall process efficiency through pre-packaged solutions, accessible anywhere via the cloud


Security and technical control requirements* that make it simpler to move critical and regulated workloads to the public cloud


IBM Cloud for Financial Services, a New Generation of Cloud for Enterprises

Through this partnership with IBM, WorkFusion automation customers within insurance and banking can now securely host workloads on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, in addition to their on-premises environments. As teams across an organization use pre-trained WorkFusion Intelligent Automation bots, the models continuously learn and improve, which exponentially increases their precision and speed.

continuous compliance
Achieve continuous compliance

Pre-configured controls can be customized for specific compliance needs, which helps to mitigate both risk and its associated costs.

Operate with agility

IBM Cloud Satellite simplifies hybrid architecture and allows workloads to run anywhere.

data control
Safeguard and control your data

Confidential computing is part of a zero trust approach and provides technology-assured safeguarding of data with “Keep Your Own Key” encryption capabilities.

Reallocate resources

As bots handle mundane manual work, employees can perform more gratifying, higher-value tasks.

Elevate your teams to more meaningful work. Get started with solutions for your business now.

WorkFusion’s automation solutions contribute exactly the kind of innovation we’re looking for in the ecosystem. Paired with the agility and security of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, our clients can drastically increase efficiency and offer their customers more personalized, on-demand experiences. We’re very excited about this partnership.

Padma Chukka , Director of IBM Cloud for Financial Services Ecosystem

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