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Now Tech: Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Solutions, Q1 2022

WorkFusion recognized among AML vendors in KYC segment

“Money laundering and terrorist financing are on the rise, accelerated by faceless, digitized onboarding and transaction initiation,” says the recent Forrester “Now Tech” report. To guide the financial sector as it faces this harsh reality, Forrester’s report analyzes AML vendors based on market presence and what they call “functionality segments.” WorkFusion is recognized as an AML vendor in the KYC functionality segment. 

The report also explores the reasons organizations seek AML solutions, such as improving risk scoring accuracy, reducing costs, and managing increasingly stringent regulations. 

Read more about what to look for in an AML vendor, why the need for robust AML technology is on the rise, and how WorkFusion is classified in the report below.

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