The power of one, amplified by the power of many​

Access industry benchmarks, latest innovations, and automation know-how in one centralized learning nexus, continually enriched by the WorkFusion community

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WorkFusion Network
WorkFusion Network

Get steady improvements with network effects

As Digital Workers learn on the job, the WorkFusion Network accumulates knowledge, enabling all Network participants to share and improve, while still maintaining scrupulous security and data privacy. As part of the Network, Digital Workers receive continuous updates, resulting in higher accuracy and broader model coverage.

Benefit from the newest innovations

WorkFusion’s team of AI researchers keeps tabs on the state of the art so you don’t have to. WorkFusion customers can opt-in to adopting recommended improvements, which come with a full suite of testing and monitoring capabilities to ensure that updates perform well on their test data and continue to perform in production.

Set goals with industry benchmarking

WorkFusion Network aggregates performance results, allowing customers to compare their performance to industry benchmarks. This enables customers to answer questions like "How well is my Digital Worker doing compared to other Workers doing the same task at other companies?" or "Do I need to label more data and train my Digital Worker to perform at the industry standard or am I already there?"

Avoid 'cold start' problem with Solution Catalog

Discover and employ more Digital Workers with our Solution Catalog, a library of ready Digital Workers as well as their critical components, such as ML models, connectors, workflows, etc., available for you to build your own Digital Workers using the no-/low-code approach.

Want to see WorkFusion Network in action?

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Want to see WorkFusion Network in action?

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Your private data is protected

WorkFusion Network uses differential privacy and other innovative technologies to make sure your private data is protected at all times.

The data used for model training cannot be re-engineered.

WorkFusion Differential Privacy

We support you at every stage of your automation journey

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Upskill your team through self-paced online courses, custom-designed for each role
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Take your automation center of excellence to the next level with proven methods and cutting-edge capabilities
Partner Ecosystem
Our partners are experts in implementing and supporting WorkFusion's automation platform
Dedicated Support
For any question you might have, our Support team is here to help

Want to see what WorkFusion Network can do for you?

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What to see what WorkFusion Network can do for you?

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