WorkFusion presents a series of short videos that make serious points about the power of Intelligent Automation — in a not-so-serious way.
We’ve all seen countless dry corporate videos, so in this educational series, we had a little fun with common clichés. (How many do you spot?!)

WorkFusion executive Brian Briggs is a popular presenter at industry conferences worldwide. He's not an actor, but we think his sly sense of humor is perfect to discuss how Intelligent Automation enables you to automate the widest range of processes and entire roles for your business.
Smarter Bots
See how you can automate the widest range of business processes and entire roles with smarter bots that can handle unstructured and fast-changing data with ease and speed.

01:50 Real-time Learning

03:09 Process AutoML

03:46 Pre-emptive Controls

Unified Platform and Analytics
Learn how organizations can optimize operations with a unified platform that centralizes processes — which leads to more satisfied customers, lower costs and more fulfilled employees.

01:03 Unified Platform

02:45 Advanced Analytics

04:07 Workforce Insights

Scalable Automation
Discover how to harness and deploy secure Intelligent Automation across business units and geographies. Start today and scale as your automation program expands.

01:01 Plug-and-play Scalability

01:57 Centralized Governance

02:49 AI-era Security

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We hope you enjoyed this informative (if tongue-in-cheek) series! Let’s continue your steps toward digital transformation
With live insights that span multiple processes and functions, WorkFusion lets you optimize not just your bots, but your people too, and thus your entire operations.
Brian Briggs, Vice President of Strategic Business

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