Santa Claus Putting GenAI to Work 

By Kyle Hoback, Director, Product Marketing 

2023 for the tech world will forever be the year of Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) – even for Santa Claus! With Santa being as innovative as he is, he did not stop at just playing with chat interfaces but emphasized getting value out of this newly popular aspect of AI and incorporating it into his automation journey. 

How has Kris Kringle’s long-running relationship with WorkFusion benefitted him in putting GenAI to work? Father Christmas is working at integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) everywhere across his North Pole operation, especially with a lens towards the orchestration of AI along with complementary tech. And WorkFusion with its Work.AI Intelligent Automation platform and AI Digital Workers has been key. 

Increased STP for you and me 

Mr. Claus has long been focused on business outcomes – faster processing of Santa letters, better toy-to-kid matching, elf happiness, etc. – rather than a blind focus on Straight Through Processing (STP). He’s kept his eye on automation rates but knowing that in many of his end-to-end processes it was wise to retain a human-in-the-loop, er, elf-in-the-loop. Incorporating LLMs into the fold has been a game changer. 

In 2022, North Pole’s CEO started using Evelyn for Adverse Media Monitoring. Where banks and other Financial Institutions (FIs) use Evelyn to fight financial crime, the Jolly Old One is trying to better understand the naughty/nice-ness of each child. Mr. Kringle was very happy with his initial impact of eliminating 80% of the manual effort for his elves. But with the power of LLMs added to Evelyn’s approach, the Big Man in Red is seeing even greater impact – approximately 95% STP of adverse media searches – leaving very little work for his elves (about 1% of what they had originally)! 

Santa is also incorporating LLMs into his other Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) use cases with WorkFusion. One of his “build your own” AI Digital Workers automates the processing of Invoices. Saint Nicholas was able to more than double STP levels with a GenAI-powered approach to automation.  

The Flying Reindeer’s Captain continues to emphasize operational impact as the measure of his automation success, but he’s now seeing accelerated impact and higher STP by adding GenAI into his processes.  

Work.AI and new AI Digital Workers, oh my! 

Mr. Ho-Ho-Ho is constantly in talks with WorkFusion to see how he can get his hands on the latest WorkFusion tech, and 2023 was a big year for him. He’s obviously not part of the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) focus of WorkFusion’s pre-built AI Digital Workers, but he’s bought into the vision of the AI Digital Worker approach driving the platform forward in the form of improvements for all. And, as he’s done with Evelyn above, he’s always looking to expand the scope of any named AI Digital Worker into AI Digital Elves for his North Pole Ops.  

A major update was the launch of Work.AI, which emphasizes a No-Code approach to AI Digital Workers. It’s now easier for his elves to get data from anywhere, reshape it, make decisions from it, and update underlying core systems – without writing code. This includes the machine learning needs of categorizing and extracting data, especially from documents and other doc-like text. Development and maintenance of automation within Work.AI is now even more efficient than it was before.  

On the AI Digital Worker front, Santa has had early access with Kayla, an AI pKYC Review Analyst. He’s less interested in how FIs use her for Perpetual Know-Your-Customer (pKYC), more in how to leverage her capabilities for his “Know Your Children” initiatives. Over the years, he and his elves have been reading behavior reports from schools and daycares, but only a subset since they are contained in full-text write-ups. As part of their use of Kayla, they can now pull in all reports and filter out the non-material ones (no more reading up on who got bit at daycare or sucker-punched in school!), reading only the important ones, which now have a summary upfront (a core use of GenAI) and an initial assessment of naughty/nice-ness. This means much richer assessments of children without more time to get there.  

Santa’s GenAI-powered Automation Journey continues in 2024 

Papa Noel will of course be doing more with automation in 2024, especially in the areas of where he can further apply GenAI.  

A key area Sinterklaas Himself is excited to add GenAI is his automation of trade documentation. As a maker of toys, he receives a lot of raw materials and parts – and their associated paper trail: bills of lading, letters of credit, customs declarations, etc. Properly keeping tabs on his supply chain is manual, not just in the physical goods themselves, but in the pushing of paperwork, even if that “paper” arrives as a digital PDF or other data. As WorkFusion is an IDP Leader according to Everest Group, St. Nick is excited to expand into areas new to him but actually common for other WorkFusion customers.  

And Santa is excited to see even more from WorkFusion in 2024. More GenAI for Work.AI. Higher automation rates. Increased power and efficiency in No Code features. Additional AI Digital Workers. Extended WorkFusion Network. A merry, merry Christmas, indeed! 

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