WorkFusion Labs: Immersive Real-World Training to Scale Automation

Automation Academy, WorkFusion’s online learning center, has introduced an exciting education opportunity for select graduates of its most advanced course, Intelligent Automation Architect. Available to key partners who work with our flagship AI-driven RPA product, WorkFusion SPA, the new WorkFusion Labs program provides a two-week, on-location, immersive boot camp to accelerate and scale enterprise automation programs by solving real-world, day-to-day challenges in real time. Students emerge from the course equipped to seamlessly take their customers from use case discovery to high-performance automation results.

The workshops take place in WorkFusion’s global offices with a small number of trainees and a teacher-student ratio of 1:3. The first week is centered around theory discussions, and the second week focuses on use cases and assignments. So far, two Labs have taken place: one in Minsk and one in Bangalore.

The program creates a real connection between us and the participants. They start to view WorkFusion as more than a software provider; it becomes a working relationship with real people

Andrei Harhots, WorkFusion’s Director of Partner Development

The attendees are enthusiastic as well. Watch the video above to hear Amol Kankane and Prashant Patil of Capgemini describe how the Lab experience increased their automation knowledge “four-fold” and how it will help them grow their customers’ automation initiatives and bring in more business for the company.

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