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December 5 | 10 am EST
Optimize KYC with Intelligent Automation: Capgemini Talks How Technology is Helping KYC Go from a Burden to an Opportunity
Capgemini and WorkFusion, join forces to highlight the latest efforts in KYC. AML compliance is a very time-consuming, expensive and complex activity. Capgemini is leveraging WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud to take the burden away and create a bigger opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.
Enterprise Healthcare Success: NY- Presbyterian Automation Improves Customer & Employee Experiences
Administrative and financial processes that support care delivery have an enormous impact on healthcare costs. They also take time away from patient care, as employees have to manage back-office processes.
5 Examples to Explain What Intelligent Automation Is – and Isn’t
Intelligent Automation is an emerging software category that overlaps with similar technologies such as RPA, OCR, BPM, AI, and analytics. In this webinar, we attempt to provide a definition of Intelligent Automation and its guardrails with related technologies — and we’ll try to avoid too much “alphabet soup.”
Faster KYC By Automating ID Verification: Webinar featuring Forrester
Join guest speaker Jost Hoppermann, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Pooja Gupta from WorkFusion, to learn more about digital banking and banking applications.
Radius Bank Builds Growth Engine with Intelligent Automation
Radius Bank has focused on deposit acquisition to fuel growth, and the bank’s partnerships and other strategies are paying off.
How WorkFusion’s SAP Certification Enhances Intelligent Automation for Order Management
Join us to learn how the SAP-certified, unified platform of WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud makes life easier for SAP users across any industry.
Ascend 2019 On Demand
Watch experts discuss Intelligent Automation software, Robotic Process Automation & RPA tools, and other business process solutions for the enterprise.
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WorkFusion Brings Intelligent Automation Mainstream with Intelligent Automation Cloud and High-Speed Go-Live Program

Next-generation platform and 1–6–12 program fulfill the promise of AI-powered automation at scale, enabling mainstream adoption across enterprise and business spectrum.

WorkFusion Named a Leader in Everest Group 2019 PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Intelligent Document Processing

A pioneer of AI-driven automation, WorkFusion recognized as the top vendor on the axis evaluating Vision & Capability in Everest Group’s IDP PEAK Matrix.

WorkFusion and NEC Partner to Bring AI-driven Robotic Process Automation to Global Markets

Partnership will accelerate the adoption and deployment of AI-driven RPA throughout the world

Improving the Healthcare Appeals

This health care administrator used Intelligent Automation Cloud to automate 85 percent of this workflow, which improves the customer experience, saves time and money, prevents misdirection and reduces human error.

Automating a Process of Account Opening

By using Intelligent Automation Cloud to automate a segment of its KYC process, a large full-service bank cut its customers’ account opening time from an average of 48 hours to about 3 hours.

Automation of Trade Finance

This operations team used Intelligent Automation Cloud to fully automate a process, using RPA and Cognitive Automation to accept, classify and extract data, plus update systems with greater efficiency.

Demo: See our bots in action

Learn how you can get more out of AI-powered RPA in this demo, which walks you through how our software works in real time.

The Intelligent Automation Tech Radar

Our forecast of enterprise AI advancements maps out how future capabilities will benefit your Intelligent Automation program.

The 4 Phases of Digital Transformation: The Intelligent Automation Maturity Model

In this 10-page eBook, WorkFusion’s Advisory team shares best practices for scaling automation to shape your digital transformation plan.

You Asked, We Answered: Questions from Our Webinar, ‘5 Banking Examples to Explain Intelligent Automation, What It Is – and Isn’t’

Intelligent Automation is quickly gaining traction as transformational software that can positively impact operational efficiency. As leaders in the ...

4 Highlights from ‘Faster KYC By Automating ID Verification’ Webinar

In a recent webinar on the effect of automation in the banking industry, “Faster KYC By Automating ID Verification," featuring Forrester, two experts...

Expert Guidance: Opportunities for Automation in the Insurance Industry

By Radhika Seth Pande, Senior Solutions Consultant, WorkFusion The potential for automation in the insurance industry is limitless. Across differe...