Top 4 Insights from Our CEO on SADA’s “Cloud N Clear” Podcast

WorkFusion CEO Adam Famularo recently appeared on Cloud N Clear, a podcast from cloud solutions provider SADA. In their brief but jam-packed conversation, he and SADA’s Adam Massey discuss the important role WorkFusion customers and partners play in our company vision, how customers benefit from our partnership with Google Cloud, and why hiring Digital Workers is a wise strategy to recession-proof your business.

In case you missed it, watch the whole interview below, plus our top four insights from the conversation.

1. Automate entire roles, not just tasks

What sets WorkFusion’s Digital Workers apart from other automation solutions? They perform knowledge worker roles — analysts, underwriters, and customer service coordinators — not just simple RPA tasks. With built-in AI and IDP technologies, Digital Workers handle complex, unstructured documents and data, make decisions, and continuously learn and improve on the job with every assignment and interaction.

[7:04 – 7:30] “The way that we do automation is we focus on holistic work. So, we look at the full-size job spec that a person would have to do, and we automate that whole entire job function. We use machine learning technology, and something called “human-in-the-loop” to pull in the humans in the workforce to help solve bigger challenges where the technology might get stuck. At the end of the day, we’re trying to automate full-scale work.”

2. Hire Digital Workers to supplement, enhance and expand your teams

In the era of the Great Resignation and a possible recession, enterprises must reconcile employee recruitment, onboarding and retention challenges with the reality that people want to do more meaningful work.

[8:01–8:24] “Our Digital Workers can do [transaction screening, adverse media monitoring, email triage, etc.] on behalf of existing workers, or workers that we are having a hard time trying to hire, or can be used to set ourselves up for future expansion where we want to train people to do more complex work and bring in the software automation to take on those remedial jobs.”

3. Faster Time to Value with Google Cloud

There are many benefits to cloud-based access to our Digital Workers including faster time to value, a frictionless purchasing process, and reduced costs associated with maintaining an in-house environment.

[9:40 – 11:35] “The notion of where we’re going with Google is creating time to value faster… We met with a bunch of our customers and saw the trend in financial services was that our customers were betting on Google Cloud. We followed the trend of our customers and decided to do the same thing. We put ourselves into this fully scalable and flexible cloud environment that our customers have already adopted. And now we are in the Google Cloud Marketplace thanks to help from SADA. Now any Google Cloud customers can pull down our Digital Workers and start getting value out of them immediately.”

4. Ensure data security

Security is front and center for all businesses, but especially those in highly regulated industries like financial services. Our commitment to protecting customers’ workflows and data is demonstrated by partnerships with leading cloud providers like Google and IBM, and backed by Veracode and ISO/IEC certifications. Plus, differential privacy ensures that data used for training Digital Workers cannot be reverse-engineered.

[12:16–12:40] “We have security inherently built into our software. We’ve been working with financial services companies for almost ten years now. We have, I would deem, a gold standard in security software built into our product. And now we’re running on top of Google Cloud, which is at that same level. So I know our financial services customers are getting the best-in-class platform to go along with our Digital Workers.”

In May, WorkFusion announced its strategic agreement with Google to bring its Digital Workers to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Click here for a demo of our Digital Workers or download our research report, Navigating the Great Resignation with Digital Workers.

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