RPA Case Studies WorkFusion


58% straight-through processing achieved

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud provides reusable components that any company's Accounts Payable teams can quickly configure, without IT support, to automate their unique invoice handling process.

Robotic process automation for invoice processing
Accounts Payable: Extracting, Structuring and Entering Invoice Data into SAP


89% reduction in manual effort

Using Intelligent Automation Cloud, this customer's operations team configured a workflow that ingests and digitizes emails, then executes requests or routes them to the right person.

Process automation of email task routine
Automating Complex Email Intake and Data Ingestion for Task Routing


99% accuracy rate achieved

This health care administrator used Intelligent Automation Cloud to automate 85 percent of this workflow, which improves the customer experience, saves time and money, prevents misdirection and reduces human error.

Save time and money with workflow automation
Improving the Healthcare Appeals Experience Through RPA


55% increase in employee productivity

This operations team used Intelligent Automation Cloud to fully automate a process, using RPA and Cognitive Automation to accept, classify and extract data, plus update systems with greater efficiency.

Automation of trade finance
Automation of Trade Documentation is a Big Win for Finance Operations


70% increase in employee productivity

By using Intelligent Automation Cloud to automate a segment of its KYC process, a large full-service bank cut its customers’ account opening time from an average of 48 hours to about 3 hours.

Help your customer with robotic process automation
Document Verification Automation Improves KYC Productivity