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See our bots in action

Learn how you can get more out of AI-driven RPA. This demo will show you in detail how WorkFusion’s software enables you to:
  • Automate end-to-end workflows
  • Improve team productivity and work volume
  • Automate more complex processes and manage exceptions
  • Run multiple bots with multiple users, get centralized results
  • Collect, automate, and audit data from multiple sources, multiple applications, and digitized documents such as invoices
Use Case Videos

Automating trade orders for financial institutions

Financial institutions place millions of trades daily. Despite front-office algorithmic advances, trade execution is still a slow, manual and error-prone process. See how WorkFusion's Smart Process Automation reduces 80% of the handling time.

Automating Claims Payment

See how Intelligent Automation streamlines and speeds up the insurance claims payment process and gets your customers paid faster.

Automating Invoice Processing

This video demonstrates how WorkFusion transforms the manual process of collecting and processing invoices using a seamless combination of R.P.A., machine learning, and human expertise.

Automating Bank Account Opening

Learn how WorkFusion reduces the account opening process from days to minutes, delivering a faster, easier onboarding experience for customers.

Automating Customer Data Intake

In this video, you will learn how WorkFusion provides a superior customer experience by transforming the intake process of customer-provided data using a seamless combination of RPA and machine learning.

Explainer Videos

Everyday AI explained

This animated video shows how AutoML, WorkFusion’s machine learning capability, processes and learns from unstructured data.

Introducing Lumen: Operational analytics, Everyday AI, one-click install and more

Get a quick overview of key features and how they will benefit you in this 60-second product video of the Intelligent Automation 2018 Lumen release.

Intelligent Automation 2018 Lumen release: Simplicity in a new light

We made automation simple. WorkFusion’s Lumen release features simpler RPA, Everyday AI, and analytics on a single, enterprise-grade platform for data-first companies.

Meet Intelligent Automation 2017

This is how to make your business limitless. A 90-second visual walkthrough of Smart Process Automation’s features and capabilities, which will reduce cost, increase capacity and improve service delivery for your operation.

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