Reduce manual work and costs by 50% or more, so your people can perform more meaningful work, your patients can receive better care and your company can produce superior results.

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Reduction of manual effort

to allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks


Enhancement in team productivity

to provide faster and better services to more patients


Improved quality of patient care

to enhance customer experiences and retention

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Healthcare industry is facing new challenges

Rising healthcare expenditures, margin compression and inefficiencies in revenue cycle management are creating pressure to streamline operations and cut costs while delivering superior customer experiences.

On top of that, the shortage of medical professionals — predicted to continue for years to come — makes it even more crucial to find ways to let them focus on patients, not paperwork.

Shift focus to more meaningful work
with Intelligent Automation

Deploy WorkFusion's intelligent healthcare automation solutions to streamline patient records processing, claims handling, billing and other manual administrative tasks:

  • Enhance your employees' productivity by allowing them to focus on important tasks
  • Improve error-prone manual processes through more accurate document processing
  • Meet changing regulatory requirements with less manual effort
  • Improve customer experiences by speeding up operations and reducing wait times

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Healthcare providers use automation
to boost productivity

Forward-thinking hospitals, health insurers and other healthcare providers are already implementing Intelligent Automation to achieve remarkable results.

New York-Presbyterian uses WorkFusion's AI-powered healthcare automation solutions to transform operations in timekeeping and clinical appeals with 3x ROI, saving thousands of hours for employees and improving productivity.

Platform capabilities

The #1 platform to deliver automation success


Pre-built solutions accelerate automation deployment and ensure fast delivery of predictable results



Learning bots extract and analyze structured and unstructured data and improve with every new document



Operational analytics for transparency and centralized insights drive efficiencies across bots, people and processes

Recognized as Leader
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In comparison with the other products we reviewed, WorkFusion showed superior capabilities and vision by augmenting RPA with prepackaged, pretrained ML models designed for specific use cases, such as anti-money-laundering, loan processing and claims intake.

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for RPA
Ranked #1 in Augment Knowledge Workers
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WorkFusion provides reusable autoML and built-in ML capabilities to perform a wide array of ML tasks augmenting RPA scenarios.

Gartner Critical Capabilities for RPA 2020
Recognized as Leader
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WorkFusion provides innovative AI-driven automation capabilities within its integrated automation platform, Intelligent Automation Cloud, that brings together OCR, ML, NLP, RPA, BPM, analytics, and AI capabilities.

Everest Group's Intelligent Document Processing PEAK Matrix® 2020
Ranked #1 in Innovation Capability
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Customers value WorkFusion's integrated cognitive and RPA capabilities, which enable straight-through processing of end-to-end processes, not just tasks.

HFS Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Software Products 2020

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