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The Intelligent Automation Cloud

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There’s no limit to what you can automate. A few examples:

55% increase in employee productivity

This operations team used Intelligent Automation Cloud to fully automate a process, using RPA and Cognitive Automation to accept, classify and extract data, plus update systems with greater efficiency.

Automation of Trade Documentation is a Big Win for Finance Operations

89% reduction in manual effort

Using Intelligent Automation Cloud, this customer's operations team configured a workflow that ingests and digitizes emails, then executes requests or routes them to the right person.

Automating Complex Email Intake and Data Ingestion for Task Routing

58% straight-through processing achieved

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud provides reusable components that any company's Accounts Payable teams can quickly configure, without IT support, to automate their unique invoice handling process.

Accounts Payable: Extracting, Structuring and Entering Invoice Data into SAP

Go with the Leader

WorkFusion Named a Leader in Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing PEAK Matrix™ 2019

Workfusion named a Leader

WorkFusion is Intelligent Automation. Here’s how:

Explore why forward-thinking companies choose Intelligent Automation Cloud to reduce their cost, upskill their workforce and gain a competitive edge
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Smarter bots for full-scale, high-fidelity automation
Unified platform has everything to automate and lowest TCO.
Automate it all with confidence and fastest time to value.
P r e-em p ti v e C o n t r ols Uni f i e d P l a t f orm Advanced Analytics W or k f o r c e Insig h ts Plug-and-p l ay S c a l ab i lity C e n t r ali z e d G ov ernan c e AI-e r a S e curity 1 2 3 Sma r t er b o ts f or f ull- s c a l e , high- f i d elity au t omation I n t elligen c e - Uni f i e d p l a t f orm with all c a p ab i lities and l ow e s t t o t al c o s t Simplicity A u t oma t e at s c a l e with c o n f i d en c e and f a s t e s t time t o v alue S c a l e
Learning Bots
WorkFusion bots learn and adapt in real time with no need for third-party tools, data scientists or coding — which means better reliability at lower cost.
Low-code AutoML logic makes machine learning more accessible and training automation bots easier — without massive burden of labeling data.
AI framework for risk control includes differential privacy, to cut risks of rogue bots or data and model exposure. In-process pre-emptive controls optimize bot performance.
Traditional RPA relies on multiple external tools which must be managed, whereas our single platform helps automate a range of processes and entire roles.
Real-time analytics show how automation has performed, how it will perform, and how to optimize — so users can improve efficiency and cost/capacity planning.
Monitor entire processes, teams and operations, helping drive better decisions from a single dashboard.
Runs on standard hardware without additional programming — so automation is portable, repeatable and more cost-effective across functions, business units and geographies.
Existing operation protocols brought into automated processes to eliminate silos of RPA and ensure maximum control, compliance and auditability.
Deployed as a single platform behind an organization’s firewall, the data risks associated with cloud and third-party APIs are eliminated.
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From zero to live in 1–6–12

WorkFusion’s high-speed 1–6–12 go-live program lets companies deploy intelligent automation rapidly: a 1-day feasibility assessment, 6 weeks of training, and the solution in production within 12 weeks or less. It’s a major leap in the speed at which Intelligent Automation can be implemented.

What the experts say about WorkFusion

WorkFusion’s tightly integrated AI, RPA and BPM capabilities within its unified platform enable it to build solutions for a broad spectrum of automation constructs.”
—Anil Vijayan
Practice Director, Everest Group
WorkFusion has taken a unique approach to helping automate well beyond RPA, which provides the simplicity and scalability necessary to make critical business decisions based on real-time data and analytics.”
—Praveen Bhadada
Partner and Practice Head, Zinnov
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