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Simpler automation.
Smarter bots.
Spectacular results.

Achieve amazing automation outcomes with the industry's only AI-native, enterprise-grade RPA platform.

RPA Express


Automate manual tasks and watch your productivity rise and career soar

Key Uses

  • Search the web for data
  • Extract data from PDFs
  • Pull data for reporting
  • And more

Key Features

  • Recorder
  • No-code automation
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Desktop and Web Automation
  • Built-in OCR
  • 1 bot

RPA Express Pro


Automate further and watch your team's productivity rise even higher

Key Uses

  • Automate HR onboarding
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Generate and send reports
  • And more

Key Features

  • Everything in RPA Express plus
  • Centrally managed automation
  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple concurrent bots
  • Workflow management
  • Tasks scheduling, monitoring and routing (24x7)
  • Seamless human-bot collaboration (Human-in-the-loop)
  • Secure bot credentials
Free, fast, and fully loaded
RPA Express is the only free market-ready RPA tool that combines all the essential components business users need to automate successfully, including:
Process automation is simple
Image-based recording for no-code automation
Automate tasks by just pressing a button with no-code, object-based recording that’s simple to use, highly accurate, easy to edit, and fast to publish.
  • Use drag-and-drop actions library
  • Create custom actions
  • Publish to Control Tower
Manage bots and actions in one place
Centralized view of bots and tasks through Control Tower
Monitor the progress and performance of your bots in one place with a centralized Control Tower.
  • Manage bots, people and processes
  • Manage bot credentials
  • Manage user permissions
All the manual work is done by bots
Built-in OCR to digitize your data
(optical character recognition)
Digitize image-based content and non-digital docs so that bots can do the manual work of moving data into applications.
  • Eliminates manual input of non-digital data
  • Start with 1,000 pages
  • Buy more as you need
Have all the settings done
Business process management through Control Tower
Build and customize your bots with Java-based scripts. Use WorkFusion APIs to post, send and receive data from applications such as Citrix, Oracle and SAP.
  • Develop Tower Bots that run in Control Tower
  • Get syntax highlighting
  • Use intelligent code completion
  • Debug your code
What people are saying about RPA Express
“It's awesome, because with no training or reading documentation, I was able to build and use a functioning bot in only 10 minutes.”
— Greg Meyers, CIO, Motorola Solutions Read the story
“RPA Express has lowered the work pressure for my employees and saved me an extra FTE on my administration department.”
— Johan de Krom, Owner & CEO, De Krom Read the story
"Automating a business process with RPA Express reduced the workload from 2-3 people working 5 days a month to one person working 2 days per month."
— Tim Riewe, RPA & IT advisor, antites Read the story
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