Smart Process Automation (SPA) | WorkFusion
One enterprise-grade platform
Get all the capabilities you need in a single platform that works with all your applications. No need for integration projects to connect tools or third parties for machine learning and analytics.
With the lowest infrastructure cost
Start small and scale fast with the lowest cost per bot in the industry, no hidden fees, and predictable cost of ownership.
For data-first companies
Start performing like a data-driven business. Automate work that’s too complex for rules with native AI that learns from high-volume data and exceptions.
RPA bots
Get more out of your bots
WorkFusion’s RPA provides bots for any type of application or data. Automatic bot load balancing delivers elastic capacity, eliminating idle bots. Our industry-leading 5-to-1 FTE-to-bot ratio gets more work done with fewer desktops, resulting in the lowest infrastructure cost in the industry. Centralized credentials management supports data privacy restrictions across geographies.
  • No-code image-based and object-based recorder
  • Code editor to increase the precision of scripts
  • Access native AI, Workflow, OCR, and analytics
  • No orchestrator costs and no developer or test fees
  • Secrets vault centralizes bot and admin credentials and role-based access control
Apply machine learning in business processes
Native AI that delivers in days, not months
WorkFusion’s Everyday AI allows you to easily apply machine learning to processes that contain unstructured data. Our built-in Process AutoML quickly trains on your unique data sets, in your secured environment, operationalized in your processes — without the efforts of a data science team or costly third-party integrations.
  • Same-day setup
  • Use your own hardware; no GPUs
  • Process AutoML — train on 500 docs, not 500,000
  • Connect the data, not just the systems
  • Native AI behind your firewall (cloud is optional, global language set available)
Trade finance workflow automation
People and bots working together
Lightweight but robust workflow capabilities that allow users to configure end-to-end processes and automate the routing of work to the right bot or person at the right time. Bots can complete work and hand it off to people, and people can complete work that they hand off to bots, all within the same process.
  • Automation with RPA, AI, Workflow, OCR, and analytics
  • Manage exceptions with tasks, not emailed lists
  • Incorporate experts into your process
  • Collect training data within the same platform to build machine learning models
SPA (Smart Process Automation) with OCR
Remove manual keying of data
Digitize image-based data in any language with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can be added to any process. Focus OCR on its core capability of converting images to text for higher overall impact.
  • OCR included in the standard SPA license
  • Handles a global language set
  • Collect training data within the same platform to build machine learning models
  • Option to bring your own OCR engine
SPA (Smart Process Automation) for automation anywhere
Analytics for your digital workforce
Go from Excel hell to dashboards to make data-driven decisions. Get insights from your bots, people, and process data so you can predict costs, quality, capacity, and productivity. SPA’s analytics provide a single pane of glass on your entire operation.
  • Bot monitoring
  • Data audit trail
  • Process data insights
  • Digital workforce analytics
  • Prescriptive process optimizations
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