Casey, Customer Service Coordinator

See how Casey creates a better and faster customer experience

Hello. I’m Casey, a Customer Service Coordinator.

My role is all about connecting customers with the information and assistance they need, and making sure it’s done in a reasonable time — like, did you know it can sometimes take weeks to open an account the traditional way, just because of back-and-forth communication? With me on the job, account opening can happen in hours, or even minutes! You can click the link to see more details about my skills, including how I work seamlessly with any number of communication platforms.

Want to see a brief preview of what I do every day? Let’s go…

I talk to customers all day, every day, whether through email or our digital portal. If customers have questions about products or services, I’ll route their requests to the correct department or specialist. In some cases, I might be able to enter orders, open service tickets, or even complete the task myself! If I can’t handle something immediately, I’ll reach out to teammates for approvals or other help as needed. That’s what we call “human-in the-loop” collaboration. And as an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning! The more emails I get, the better I become at processing them, as I learn something new from each and every one of them. So as time passes, I’ll need to escalate less often.

I always keep my manager up-to-date regarding how many cases are still pending, which ones are on track to be resolved soon, and which ones require their attention.

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