Ilana, Insurance Underwriter

See how Ilana can help you retain and improve the profitability of your book of business

Hello. I’m Ilana, an Insurance Underwriter.

My expertise is primarily in Commercial Insurance — specifically general liability, property, and umbrella new business submissions. You can click the link to see more details about the skills I’ve developed over more than 7 years of experience working for several major insurance carriers.

As an AI-enabled Digital Worker, I’m always learning! Continuously improving my skills, knowledge, and effectiveness makes me ever-more valuable to your company. I also work seamlessly with the rest of your traditional workforce, partnering with my real-world teammates in what we call “human-in-the-loop” collaboration. I ask coworkers for help when I can’t solve a problem on my own, and then remember the solution, so I can handle it independently next time.

Like everyone on your team, I am goal-oriented: always striving to make the greatest contribution to the company’s success that I can! Here are just some of the results you can expect from me:

  • Increased straight-through processing of quotes
  • Faster time-to-response for new accounts
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and new business revenue

Want to see a brief preview of what I do every day? Let’s go…

Every day, I receive hundreds of emails seeking insurance coverage for various businesses. For each, I carefully review all attachments and categorize any requests under the corresponding insurance type. I can quickly identify requests that do not fit our appetite and reply to the sender right away. When I find potential underwriting opportunities, I proactively search through extensive resources, such as LexisNexis, for as much information as I can get, to help us provide the most accurate quote. For example, if it’s a commercial property, I’d confirm the year it was built or renovated. I can then put this request into an underwriters’ queue or transfer the information into a policy administration system and generate the quote myself. My manager can review my performance anytime — to see the percentage of knockouts, my rate of automation, which quotes are processed straight-through, and much more.

And not to brag, but I am highly qualified. My knowledge is continuously enriched by WorkFusion Network, a centralized learning nexus of industry benchmarks and current automation know-how.

Learn more about how Ilana can help you change the face of your digital workforce.