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Gartner Report: Overhauling Account Opening in Banking

Account opening is one of the most critical processes for banks, whether they are working to acquire new customers or to deepen relationships with current customers. Advances in technology are pressuring banks to drive efforts to improve this process — but also offering ways to do so.

Although several vendors offer digital solutions that promise to enable customers to open new accounts in 10 minutes or less, we believe many banks’ business leaders don’t know how to make this a reality because the challenges of legacy infrastructure and procedures are difficult to overcome.

But advances in technology — such as Intelligent Automation — can modernize and transform account opening and KYC. This can allow banks to achieve major step-changes in customer experience, operational efficiencies and risk reduction. The key steps necessary to accomplish this can be simplified to: identify pain points, define options, and develop a roadmap.

Learn more in the full report, “CIOs Must Take the Lead in Overhauling Retail Banking Account Opening,” which we’ve licensed for your use.

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