Analyst Report

HFS Top 10 RPA Software Products 2019

In its report, HFS Research named WorkFusion the No. 4 overall RPA software vendor. It also concluded that WorkFusion solutions are No. 1 among competitors for Overall Innovation.
HFS RPA assessment 2019

We appreciate that HFS Research has again recognized WorkFusion as “the original Intelligent Automation platform” and reminded their readers that our solutions align strongly with what they identify as the powerful “Triple-A Trifecta approach: RPA + AI + analytics.” As HFS has explained in previous discussions of this “trifecta,” each element serves a vital role in digital transformation:

  • RPA drives efficiency
  • AI can solve business problems
  • Analytics improves decision-making.

That’s why AI-native automation with built-in analytics is fundamental to all our breakthrough solutions.

Using a mix of data from vendors, customers, and public resources, HFS Research ranked a variety of business process automation providers in terms of execution, innovation, and customer experience. WorkFusion also was named one of the top overall providers, ranked very highly for scalability & flexibility of our offerings, and a leader when considering customers’ view and voice.

WorkFusion’s solutions expedite automating business processes, offering a jump start in your most critical business use cases — such as anti-money laundering (AML), account opening, and more. What’s more, our unified platform includes everything you need to start your business’s digital transformation, with unrivaled time to value. Learn more in this report — we’ve licensed a complimentary copy for your use.