2021: The Year in Automation Academy

If you haven’t automated a business process yourself, you may be wondering: How exactly do WorkFusion customers learn these skills? They enroll in Automation Academy, our online learning platform for automation training and certification.

In 2021, the Academy team continued to deliver on our promise to train employees of all positions and skill levels on how to become part of their company’s automation journey. Below, we review this year’s achievements, our customers’ progress, and new offerings.

Our Top 5 Achievements

We are proud to share Automation Academy’s top five achievements of 2021, none of which would have been possible without the inspiring feedback from our customers and partners:

  1. We launched the Skill Set approach to consolidate all necessary skills and enable even more roles in your organization to access automation. We constantly update and refine our courses and assignments, and integrate new content for an even more comprehensive range of roles such as Business Analyst, Solution Analyst, Operations Specialist, Machine Learning and Automation Engineer, and DevOps Engineer.
  2. All-in-access (immediate and complete access) to most of our courses is now available to all partners and customers upon registration. This year, more than 2,500 new students were onboarded and able to enroll right away, with no extra approvals.
  3. Our courses are increasingly video-based, to shorten completion time without sacrificing depth of materials. We value our students’ time and strive to create an effective learning process. As a result, more than 8,000 certificates were awarded in 2021.
  4. Most importantly, our student satisfaction rate has grown. Knowing that we are improving makes us even more confident in our continued success for our users.
  5. We have added seven new courses, increasing the number of available courses by almost a third. Find descriptions for each of these new courses below, divided by user type:

For all audiences:

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

This course is for business people who have recently purchased WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud or are considering investing in an automation platform. It is also helpful for technical users who want to learn more about, and start to automate with, our platform. No technical skills or in-depth knowledge of automation required.

For business users:

Exploring Automation for Negative News Analysis  

Teaches about our Adverse Media Monitoring (Negative News Search) solution. It is best to take this course before implementation to better understand the use case and how to operate it.

Discovery Process

One of the main challenges of the automation process is figuring out where and how to implement automation. The business process description is not always sufficient, so in this course, you will learn discovery techniques that allow you to identify and incorporate more use cases in our platform.

Automation Consulting Certification    

In order to be certified as an Automation Consultant, you must successfully complete an assignment that combines all the skills and knowledge you gained in the Discovery Process course.

Visit our Automation Consulting Skill Set to learn more about these courses.

For developers:

Analytics Customization

This course teaches Business Intelligence Engineers how to develop and modify Intelligent Automation Cloud dashboards. Users looking for an overview of the customization process can also benefit from this course. 

Development Tools and Life Cycle 

This course prepares Automation Engineers for actual production implementations using a recommended approach to the software development life cycle that will reduce effort and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

Open Development Framework

ODF is a Java-based method for developing bot configurations for our platform. In this course, learn about ODF, specific automation delivery concerns it addresses, the advantages of Java in RPA, and more.  

Visit our Code Automation Skill Set to learn more about these courses.

As you can see, 2021 was a busy, fruitful year at Automation Academy! Our team is constantly adapting to feedback and updating our curriculum to provide a top-notch learning experience for our customers and partners. We look forward to working with you next year as we launch even more courses and educational tools for you to use on your automation journey. We appreciate you learning with us.

Happy holidays from the Automation Academy team!

On the way to success, there should always be motivation for growth and development. In Automation Academy, we support anyone to achieve their ambitious goals towards automation deployment and maintenance, regardless of previous experience or skill sets. Get better with us!

The Automation Academy Team
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