Meet the New, Enterprise-grade RPA Express 2.0

RPA Express is no loner included in WorkFusion’s product offering.

A year ago, WorkFusion introduced the first free production-grade RPA tool, RPA Express. Since then, RPA Express has found its way to 35,000 users around the world. Now, we’re about to make all these RPA Express fans very happy. Meet the RPA Express 2.0, an improved and enhanced version that scales from an individual user to across an entire enterprise. The new generation of RPA Express is faster to install, easier to the user and has smarter bots. It will also be available as a pro subscription with a free 30-day trial.

Enterprise operations should have self-service capabilities to create digital operations in the same way that digital experience has become self-service.

Alex Lyashok, CEO, WorkFusion

That’s all great, but what’s happening to my 1.0 version of RPA Express, you might ask. Let’s clear up any potential concerns right away:

Does the release of 2.0 mean that RPA Express is no longer free?

NO, it does not. You can still download RPA Express and use it for free.

Can I still use all actions available in RPA Express without limitations?

YES, you can. You will have access to all features that were available before, and to the many new ones we are introducing in RPA Express 2.0.

We don’t limit your existing capabilities for working with RPA Express. Instead, on top of them, we have added exciting new Pro features that make RPA Express 2.0 perfect for use in an enterprise network due to increased productivity and security. Let’s review them in more detail.

New deployment options for the enterprise

Besides installing RPA Express on your local machine as usual, you can now install it on the network consisting of multiple machines (workstations) and the server, from which you will be able to monitor all processes that run in this network, add new users and control access to the central Control Tower. Not only does it ensure better security and control over your automated processes, but it also allows for lower hardware requirements for the workstations. You will only need 4 GB of RAM to successfully deploy RPA Express.

new deployment options

Better collaboration with unlimited users

For users of the pro subscription, there’s no limit the number of machines on which you can install and run RPA Express. Unlimited users will be able to create bots and publish them to the server within your network. Their number will depend solely on your business needs, your IT infrastructure, and your automation plans.

You can start with a small network of users and gradually grow it as you begin to see more opportunity for automation within your business, which we bet you will once you start building bots and see the immediate results of using them.

Unlimited bots for higher productivity

Also, the pro subscription of RPA Express 2.0 allows you to have unlimited number of bots on one machine –– you will be able to run multiple business processes on one computer simultaneously. The time for processing tedious, repetitive work will decrease exponentially, freeing up your time for more important tasks, professional growth or perhaps a moment of quiet reflection over a cup of coffee.

unlimited bots

All these features are available in the RPA Express pro-subscription, along with a special support plan, advanced Automation Academy certification, and 10,000 OCR pages to digitize your data. We will give all users an opportunity to try these features with no limitation within a free 30-day trial that comes with RPA Express 2.0 installation.

Even if you choose not to get the subscription after the trial, you still get to use the cool new options that we have added to RPA Express 2.0.

More options for automating desktop applications

With RPA Express 2.0, you will be able to make a huge leap towards seamless automation of desktop applications. You no longer need to rely on images to automate your MS Office, SAP and many other popular applications. With RPA Express, you can access objects in applications directly based on their properties, so even if the UI or some visual elements of the application change, your recorded scripts will still work.

“Object recording ensures the stability of automating your desktop applications that image-based automation often fails to provide,” says Maxim Koutun, Director of RPA Product Engineering at WorkFusion, “The users are now free to change the color schemes and other settings in their applications without the fear of breaking down their automated processes.”

Better tools for programmers

RPA Express 2.0 keeps the same easy-to-use drag-n-drop interface. However, for the users that have experience coding in Groovy and want to make their RPA Express bots even more powerful, we will now provide a special programming tool: WorkFusion Studio, where you will be able to code your own bot actions. Even if you are not a programmer, you will still find it useful as it will help you find and fix the errors in your recordings faster, again, saving you lots of time.

If that sounds exciting, register for RPA Express 2.0 for free on our updated website. You will get a 30-day trial of the RPA Express pro subscription and have access to all pro features right after the installation –– no additional efforts required.

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