What’s New in RPA Express? More Security, Higher Performance, Better Learning

RPA Express is no longer included in WorkFusion’s product offering.

Few things are as exciting to us at WorkFusion as announcing RPA Express updates. Today, we say hello to RPA Express 2.1, which is more secure, runs scripts faster and allows you to automate a larger number of applications. Here’s a quick rundown of the most significant improvements:

Data security

One of the most important features in the RPA Express update is a special component for storing sensitive data. Users can now save their logins, passwords, and other secure information in the Secrets Vault, where bots can access it while running automated workflows. The data in the Secrets Vault is encrypted and is not displayed in any files, which makes it completely secure. You can now also share scripts with others without worrying about safety.

Increased performance

Users can now run their scripts faster than ever, as the execution of actions is up to 120 times speedier. The increased performance is especially beneficial for complex workflows with lots of loops, conditions and data manipulation.

Automating more applications

RPA Express has a new Inspector tool with a more user-friendly interface and new capabilities to access and interact with applications’ UI elements, which makes desktop automation workflows more robust and stable.

New and updated RPA Express courses

As the product continuously improves, we have to make sure that related educational resources are up to speed. We have just launched two new free RPA Express courses: Introduction to RPA Express and Building Bot Tasks with RPA Express. They replace the former “RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started” course by splitting its content into two separate user journeys.

Introduction to RPA Express is a brief course (1–2 hours) for those who want to learn more about how RPA Express works and understand its benefits. Once you’ve committed to downloading the tool and want to learn how to use it, you will move on to Building Bot Tasks with RPA Express, a comprehensive 40-hour course that teaches you how to create bot tasks and automated workflows of various complexity. You will also be able to explore web/desktop automation basics and create RPA projects.

What do our customers think?

RPA Express would not have been able to grow and evolve the way it has without our amazing RPA Express community, which gives us so much feedback and inspiration. Hence, we solicited one of our most valuable users, Mario Jaramillo, a project manager at Chubb, to keep us honest by sharing his thoughts on Building Bot Tasks with RPA Express.

Mario Jaramillo
Mario Jaramillo, Project manager, Chubb

WorkFusion: What’s your overall impression of the course?

Mario Jaramillo: In my opinion, the content of the new course is much better than the previous one. The assignments are easy to understand and very helpful, and the quizzes have improved a lot. The new quizzes really help you evaluate the knowledge you gained during the training. I also liked that the learning materials have more details about the various RPA Express components and actions, which made it easier to understand them.

WF: What was a particularly helpful feature of the course?

MJ: For me, one of the most helpful improvements was the new installation module, which describes all the deployment models of RPA Express in detail. It helped me to understand the whole installation process and choose the correct installation type for my case.

WF: How do you use RPA Express in your work?

MJ: In my work, I mainly use RPA Express for tedious tasks like copy-pasting information and for digitizing data, so I use the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature a lot. I don’t think I would have been able to start using the tool that easily without this training, so it was very helpful.

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