Transform your enterprise with the power of AI and Automation.

Synopsis: This inaugural edition of the AI Business eBook series provides a comprehensive overview of intelligent automation — from choosing an initial proof of concept (PoC) all the way through to scaling across the entire enterprise. Powered by WorkFusion, “The Intelligent Automation Journey” combines industry-leading case studies from banking, AML, healthcare, and transportation; C-suite interviews and wide-angle thought leadership; and practical, hands-on guides to getting started. If you’re a senior enterprise decision-maker looking to start, scale, or grow your automation efforts, look no further.

What is Intelligent Automation? Intelligent Automation can best be described as an organization automating its business processes and workflows using a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise. The journey typically begins with using robotic process automation (RPA) for simple back-office processes and can lead all the way to fully automated decision-making using machine learning and natural language technologies.