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Automation’s Impact on the Talent Crisis

In “Automation Can Solve the Service Worker Shortage,” Forrester analyst Craig Le Clair examines the global labor shortage and offers actionable insights for all sectors.

Forrester worker shortage report

Forrester analyst and automation industry expert Craig Le Clair has spent his career investigating what makes for a robust automation program, and has shared his insights with the WorkFusion community many times over recent years.

As we dug into Le Clair’s most recent report on automation’s role in the service worker shortage, we noted that many of his findings apply broadly to the global talent shortage and think these will interest anyone seeking guidance on automation as a solution during this crisis.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of Le Clair’s report, which includes these particularly salient points:

  • The growing significance of customer experience, and automation’s pros and cons for customers
  • Automation’s impact on employee experience and related “job-loss anxiety,” especially in the throes of the Great Resignation
  • The “readiness, usability, and reliability” of automation technology, and how these factors impact the overall viability of an automation program
  • Wide-reaching effects of industry regulations, complicating the adoption of automation programs

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For more insights from Craig Le Clair, watch our on-demand webinar.

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