New Course: Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

Learning about the capabilities of a new automation platform can be time-consuming and challenging. To simplify this process for new WorkFusion users and those who want to know more about our platform, we have created a new course, Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud, which offers all the necessary information in one resource. 

Who is this course for? 

The course is designed for business people who recently purchased WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud or are considering investing in an automation platform. It is also helpful for technical users who want to learn more about, and start automating with, our flagship product. 

What is included?

The course is divided into four modules, which provide a deep dive into the critical capabilities of the platform. Each module concludes with a scenario-based quiz that helps you test your knowledge and apply it to a real-life type of situation. 

Seven engaging videos present a comprehensive overview of Intelligent Automation Cloud, including its components, applications, technologies, and real business use cases. 

The course takes about two hours to complete. To pass, you must watch all seven videos and complete all four quizzes. When you’ve finished, you will receive a diploma. 

What will you learn? 

The course covers all critical capabilities of the platform in detail: what they are, why they are essential, and how they are used in automation. You will learn:

  • how Intelligent Automation Cloud differs from other automation platforms 
  • what capabilities for intelligent document processing are included, such as industry-specific pre-built solutions, AutoML, cloud learning, and other continuous learning technologies 
  • what tools for developers are available out of the box 
  • how end-to-end automation is made possible with human-in-the-loop capability and orchestration 
  • how WorkFusion ensures data protection and security 
  • what business and technical analytics are available to maximize ROI 
  • and more! 

How do you enroll? 

No technical skills or elevated automation knowledge are required for this course. Like other automation courses, it is free and self-guided, so you can start, stop, and resume at your own pace. 

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