Times UK/Raconteur Special Report:
AI for Business 2019 

This “Artificial Intelligence for Business” special report, originally published in The Sunday Times, UKconsiders how global enterprise is responding to business innovation and explores some of the opportunities provided by machine learning and artificial intelligence.  In the article titled, “How AI is powering the next generation of work,” WorkFusion CEO Alex Lyashok discusses why companies must respond to tech fueled disruption, and how artificial intelligence can enable them to transform and evolve their people and processes. Download a complimentary licensed copy of this full report, with additional thoughtful industry insights including:

  • Navigating AI hype in the search for success 
  • When AI and national security collide 
  • 4 ways AI is being used for social good 
  • The democratization of AI 
  • 8 AI tips for Business Leaders 
  • When AI gets creative